Rack ‘Em Up

— Fri, 27th June 2008 —

Trusty Will over at A Suitable Wardrobe tells us what passes these days for a suitable wardrobe, and just how much you should be prepared to spend on one:

I frequently advise clients to budget the acquisition of four articles of tailored clothing and two pairs of shoes each year, plus 25%-33% for accessories. The client’s total budget determines how much can be spent on each item. So, for example, a bit more than $25,000 annually buys bespoke from Savile Row or Naples. Half that amount buys Hong Kong bespoke and MTO shoes, or $8,000 buys good quality ready to wear (call it Brooks Brothers and Alden).

Obviously the words “sale,” “resale,” and “Barney’s-Warehouse-Sale” are not part of Will’s vocabulary. Not that we begrudge him that.

[A Suitable Wardrobe]

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