Walk It Off

— Fri, 27th June 2008 —

Until the end of next week, Prada is taking 45% off everything except luggage and top-shelf shoes. There’s still plenty of lesser shoes and spring/summer ’08, a store clerk tells us.

BEWARE: Even on sale, Prada suits and blazers are a SHIT investment:

Simply put, the proper way to construct a suit is by stitching the “canvas” to the outer fabric. Prada glues these pieces together, which leads to a stiff jacket, and in due time irreparable bubbling up of the fabric from the canvas. If you want to see bubbling for yourself, ask to see a Prada jacket at any resale store in the city. It’s not pretty.

Prada – 841 Madison Ave between 69th & 70th 212-327-4200Map
Prada – 724 5th Ave at 56th 212-664-0010 – Map
Prada Soho – 575 Broadway at Prince – 212-334-8888 – Map

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