Beat The System

— Mon, 7th July 2008 —

Ever wonder why retailers damn near give their merch away come July? Well, apart from the need to make room for fall/winter wear, they know the retail business all but shuts down from mid-July through September. No one shops. Not even women. And we’re not suggesting that you shop, either — apart from the Barney’s Warehouse Sale in mid-August. … Yet, just for the record, if you care to acquire, there are plenty of deals to be had, in which case you’d totally be pulling one over on the retail industry, i.e, beating the System, busting the Machine, taking it to the Man.

• Starting today, Zoe is taking 50% off all menswear and accessories, including button-downs from Trovata, sweater jackets from Nice Collective, sweaters from A.P.C., and a range of T’s. [The Cut]

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