Fear No Evil

— Wed, 30th July 2008 —

Oak’s avant-garde shopping experience makes one critical shopper feel alone and afraid — which actually makes for a hilarious read.

Yet, we can all relate to this Times correspondent’s feelings of alienation from, and contempt for, fashion’s vanguard.

Our advice on the matter? If you’re feeling adventurous, then venture indeed into the realms of high-concept fashion, knowing full well that the whole business is just one big charade.

Otherwise, immerse yourself to the degree that feels right. If that amounts to thumbing through J.Crew’s fall catalogue from the safety of your bathroom, then more power to you. We all know there are far more important battles to be fought.

Oak – 28 Bond St at Lafayette – 212-677-1293 – Map
Oak – 208 N. 8th St between Roebling & Driggs – 718-782-0521 – Map
Oak – 668 President St
at 5th Avenue – 718-857-2080 – Map

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