Welcome To The Jungle

— Thu, 17th July 2008 —

Mark your calendars, clear your credit cards, and focus your mind’s eye on that perfect black bomber jacket for the fall. Racked has details on the shopping event of the summer, the Barneys Warehouse Sale, which is going down from Thursday, August 14 through September 1. [Racked]

Barneys Warehouse Sale Plan of Action:

• Go with a list of things you need for the fall/winter — Like Racked says, look over Barney’s online sale to get a bead on the likely selection. The site, however, is very limited, and doesn’t include the miles of suits and jackets that will be on offer.

• Get to the sale on Day 1, and find good hiding spots for the things you don’t absolutely need — In anticipation of further markdowns toward the end of the sale.

• Don’t let the women push you around — They’ll be too busy riffling through the shoes, anyway.

Barneys Warehouse Sale – 255 West 17th Street between 7th & 8th – 212-450-8400 – Map

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