A Rare And Joyous Occasion

— Mon, 25th August 2008 —

[Picture courtesy of The New York Times]

For all you frame hounds, the renowned Selima Optique boutique is quietly preparing a sale for next week — an event that occurs only once a year, if that.

Details are still scare, but the event will most likely go down at Selima’s Wooster St shop.

Selima Optique – 59 Wooster St at Broome – 212-343-9490 – Map
Selima Optique – 357 Bleecker St between Charles & 10th212-352-1640 – Map
Selima Optique – 25 Prince St between Mott & Elizabeth – 212-334-8484 – Map
Selima Optique – 899 Madison Ave at 72nd212-988-6690 – Map
Selima Optique – 888 Broadway at 19th 212-674-8983 – Map

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