A Trend With Legs

— Fri, 1st August 2008 —

As the summer slowly winds to a close, the debate over the soundness of “shorts suits” continues, with even the paper of record weighing in this week.

Like the Observer (and the Beggar) last month, Guy Trebay at the Times credits NHL forward — and self-anointed fashionista — Sean Avery with legitimizing the look.

The Sartorialist, and the subjects of his oversees photography, might also be given a little credit.

Either way, the question of the day remains whether guys can look forward to airing out their kneecaps next summer, or even the summer after that.

As Trebay notes, there are some institutions that shall linger as short-free zones, but we’re willing to bet that more open work environments will increasingly welcome the sight of hairy calves.

Like Ben Clawson, sales director for designer Michael Bastian, tells the Times: “It’s not impossible anymore to be dressed up in shorts.”

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