Bag ’em & Tag ’em

— Sat, 2nd August 2008 —

As a supporter of independent American brands, A Continuous Lean throws Estex Manufacturing Company into the ring with other makers of the ubiquitous canvas bag. [ACL]

Like Klein Tools’ no-nonsense products, Estex ranks low on a versatility scale — from the factory floor to check-in at the Pierre — but, on the opposite side of the spectrum, so do most of the duffels featured in a recent Upgrader profile. By far, Filson still makes the most versatile bags on the market.

In terms of blue-collar-cred and price, however, Klein and Estex both offer big bangs for your buck. Here’s how the companies — both of whom offer a wide variety of bags — measure up to the competition:

Klein canvas tool bags with naugahyde bottom–24″L X 6”W X 15″H–go for $54:

Estex large canvas gear bags24″L x 10″W x 18″H–for $85:

RIGHT NOW, you can pick up a 22”L Estex canvas tool bag for $3.00(!) on eBay:

Weekender duffles from LL Bean–15″H x 19½”W x 9″D–for $90:

Small Duffels from Filson–18″L x 10 3/8″W x 11″H–for $205:

Barbour wax cotton/leather travel/explorer bags–18″L x 12″W x 12″H–for $259:

Sandstorm canvas/cowhide weekenders–21”L x 7.6”W x 15”H–go for $350:

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