— Tue, 19th August 2008 —

If you catch one sale this week… If you leave the apartment for one chore… If you need one reason to keep on living… make it the Paul Stuart sale on 38th & 7th where you’ll find the best deals on the highest quality suits and jackets we’ve perhaps ever seen this side of the Pacific Rim.

Until Friday, suits that cost well over $2,000 are all going for $300, ties that retail for $150 are going for $25, and, best of all, jackets, many of which normally cost $2,000 themselves, are now selling for a paltry $200.

Better deals than Barneys Warehouse sale? By leaps and bounds — not to mention a far more tranquil and organized shopping experience. And, if for some reason you’re not familiar with the quality and cut of Paul Stuart’s wares, they make Brooks Brothers’ stuff look like the Men’s Warehouse house label.

***Update*** A kind tipster brings word that the traditional pieces, like the two pictured directly below, are dwindling, leaving only wilder patterns and pastels. You’ve been warned.

Paul Stuart Sale – 207 W 38th St at 7th — Tues – Thurs 10am-7pm, Fri – 10am-5pmMap
Paul Stuart flagship –
10 E 45th St between 5th & Madison 212-682-0320 – Map

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