Dept. of Blind Spots

— Fri, 29th August 2008 —

We’re calling bullshit on a recent Esquire piece entitled “How To Dress Like a Rich Man in a Recession,” featuring what it terms “this season’s best bargains.” 

Sales factor hugely into the fashion business, particularly in top cosmopolitan cities like New York. Men’s fashion magazines like Esquire have readers outside the big cities, sure, maybe, but not their core readers, so the fact that they rarely if ever factor sales into their equations is highly suspect… and not in your best interests.
While sales are a moving target and tastes may vary, right this minute we can direct you towards superior merch at significantly less cost than the stuff featured in Esquire‘s story:
Esquire picks the above suit from Banana Republic for $800, while we prefer to pay just $300 for this finer specimen from Hickey Freeman at the Barneys Warehouse Sale –       

Esquire would have you pay $1,200 for the above overcoat from Hickey, while you can take your pick from any number of first-rate cashmere coats for about $500 at the Barneys Sale – 

Esquire recommends the above leather jacket from Coach for $900, while we’d check out vintage downtown boutique Eleven, or go with this Frankie Morello Italian leather jacket for just $300 at – 

Finally — we could do this all day — Esquire likes the above Cole Haan briefcase for $800, while we much prefer to pay $585 for this De Gaulle 14″ briefcase from South Willard’s online boutique –

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