Fuzzy Math

— Tue, 5th August 2008 —

Earlier this year, Esquire named its picks for best suits under a $1,000.

Now, we confess that its best in show — a Brooks Brothers blue two-piece for $498 — is likely to remain unchallenged. But, we’re willing to bet that J. Crew’s new Italian slim-cut suit for $575 will hold its own quite well against Esquire’s other nom’s.

Buried Lead: This whole numbers game is fundamentally flawed anyway, because — as The Beggar sets out to prove every day — there’s no reason to pay full retail for anything.

At this very moment, Hart Schaffner Marx suits are selling at a measly $3oo; the same with Helmut Lang; and in just a matter of days the Barneys Warehouse Sale will unload mountains of high-end suits and jackets at a fraction of their sticker prices.

And that’s to say nothing of the fantastic deals to be found at first-rate resale boutiques like Gentlemen’s Resale on the Upper East Side, and Ina Men downtown.

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