— Mon, 25th August 2008 —

Taking The Cut’s lead, we decided to investigate the “new” Gap, under the reign of designer Patrick Robinson, only to find much of the same dowdy, unfinished, and disposable merch that one would associate with, well, the Gap. This stuff is ideal for beer-runs in rural Vermont, but otherwise useless.

Up and down the hipness spectrum — from American Apparel and Urban Outfitters to J. Crew and Gant — Gap’s peers are successfully infusing new life into their brands, and the business of apparel in general. Why the Gap can’t follow a similar path is, well, just not a conversation we’re going to have right now.

That said, we did find a few redeeming items from Gap’s fall season, chief among them a simple, but well-executed Herringbone blazer for just $88 (above).

Cozy and only the slightest bit dowdy, this jacket would come in very handy on weekend trips, strolls though the park, and other casual affairs. Its solid build, modern cut, and great value closed the deal for us.

Of the Gap’s two khaki blazers, the darker one would also make a smart purchase:

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