Bixby Goes Down

— Wed, 24th September 2008 —

Three week’s after its New York debut, we dropped by Barney’s to check out Andre 3000’s maiden menswear line, Benjamin Bixby. Perhaps envisioning big things for the brand, Barney’s has rolled out the red carpet for Andre with a full Bixby display — anchored by a vintage wicker hot air balloon basket — greeting guests right as they exit the 5th Floor elevators.While the tweed knickerbockers are a bit too fanciful for our tastes, Andre seems to have successfully executed a wearable line infused with the lively spirit of college football circa 1935. Save for their hot air balloon logos, however, the clothes could easily get lost among the nearby racks of Ralph Lauren gear. That is to say the line lacks a wholly unique vision, yet possesses a strong spirit and durable construction — we’d say superior to RL Polo but inferior to RL Purple Label.

For the deal seekers, we suggest waiting for the holiday sales and Warehouse event where you’re sure to find plenty of this stuff. One sales clerk enthused, “Bixby is selling really well,” while perhaps a more honest colleague of his confessed, “It’s doing pretty well.”

This vintage-like leather bomber felt nice and fit well, but not quite nice and well enough to justify its $1,600 price tag – 
Again, this blue corduroy had a nice fit and feel, but not exactly what we’d call luxurious, and not really worth $1,000 – 
This here canvas briefcase for over $400 did not seem built for everyday ware – 
Look for this logo on sales racks come December – 
These sweaters were cozy, but not $350 cozy –  

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