Don’t Look Like A Lady

— Mon, 8th September 2008 —

This weekend’s Page Six Magazine features a dead-on-arrival debate between Simon Doonan, creative director at Barneys, and Details editor-in-chief Dan Peres over whether men should embrace the feminization of menswear. [Page Six Mag]

Even Peres, a self-described proponent of the feminization of the American male, pleads with guys not to let that broader movement seep into their wardrobes. “Isn’t Clay Aiken’s flat-ironed hair and smoky eyes enough of a warning?” Peres asks. 
Not that you can’t add a lighter touch to your style: “From silk pocket squares to pastel polos, a man can add a feminine touch to an outfit without looking like Liberace.”
So, unless you’re an aspiring David Bowie or Jimi Hendrix, be prepared to walk a very fine line between your outer dandy and your inner Marv Albert.

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