When Prep Reigned Supreme

— Tue, 16th September 2008 —

Visiting J. Crew’s new “lifestyle boutique” in Tribeca, Times “Critical Shopper” Mike Albo draws perhaps THE conclusion of our style times:

These days the preppy look is to a guy’s wardrobe what corn syrup is to beverages. There is no way to avoid its presence. Everyone wants a good blue blazer, madras shorts and tweed tie. Unless you dress in moose pelts or your name happens to be Criss Angel, you can’t help but look slightly collegiate all the time.

“J. Crew, one of the original prep suppliers, has become a creative reservoir for today’s most talked-about men’s wear designers, like Band of Outsiders, Gilded Age, Loden Dager and, especially, Tim Hamilton, who used to work for the company. These fresh labels reinterpret preppy basics for guys who may never have touched a copy of Lisa Birnbaum’s classic humor manual, ‘The Official Preppie Handbook.'”

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