"Eliminating Silliness"

— Fri, 14th November 2008 —

New York Mag asks some Upper Easties about the economy and how it’s affecting their shopping behavior. Surprisingly, most do claim to be cutting back… besides the one older woman who appears oblivious to, er, well, just oblivious.

Notably, later in the clip, our man in the clashing cap and scarf fesses up to fearing discount shops like Men’s Warehouse — which is indeed sh** — and Century 21 — which, as we recently pointed out, can actually come in handy. But, fear not my dear boy, because The Beggar is here to guide you through these rough economic times, and to demonstrate day-after-day that the best deals can be had in the most tasteful of settings. The Shipley & Halmos sale is just the most recent and timeliest example.

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