Take Your Skateboard

— Wed, 5th November 2008 —

Some guys hear the word ‘sale’ and picture brutish bargain hunters fighting over second-rate scraps under bad fluorescent lighting. In reality, plenty of sale settings rival the best retail experiences, as in the case of this week’s Fred Perry sale. Soft lighting, records spinning, charming digs, friendly staff. Now, the discounts aren’t spectacular, sizes run small, and 27th between 10th & 11th isn’t an ideal locale, but the offerings are ample and varied… for sweaters, light jackets, pullovers, and kicks, anyway. 

Sweaters are on sale for between $50-$100 –       
Light jackets are going for just over $100 – 
Only a few coats, but they’re well worth their $127 price tag – 
We were digging this messenger for about $65 – 
And this leather bag for about $215 – 
Did we mention a nice selection of (small) kicks for between $50-$100? – 

Fred Perry Sale – 547 W 27th St between 10th & 11th – 3rd fl – 212-736-3030 – Tues-Fri 10am-7pm, Sat-Sun 12pm-6pm – Map

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