Best Of The Worst

— Sun, 14th December 2008 —

We just dropped by Uniqlo’s 36,000-square-foot, tri-level Global flagship store in SoHo. You know Uniqlo — The Japanese-owned retailer of poor-quality — what we like to call “disposable” — apparel in the same league as Old Navy, Gap, and H&M. 

Looking beyond the Terry Richardson-shot ad campaigns, and Wakamaru — the store’s humanoid robot greeter — Uniqlo’s disposables do appeal to us more than its rival’s. Even more than Americans and Scandinavians, it seems, the Japanese can mass-produce some nice crap.

Perhaps our favorite piece, behold this bulky fleece full zip jacket for $20 – 
We wouldn’t expect this down to get us up Mt. Everest, but its pitch-perfect color and feel make it well worth $90 –  
We’ll also take a few of these fleece “bonding” jackets for $20 – 
And maybe a single-breasted trench coat for $80 – 
Bye-bye, Wakamaru-son! See you next time!

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