Choosy Beggars

— Mon, 29th December 2008 —

In the waning days of 2008, with few sample sales to report, we thought we’d test out our new man-on-the-street feature, “Choosy Beggars.” Now, between The Sartorialist, NY Mag’s Look Book, and Racked’s Street Scenes, one might assume that no stylish New Yorkers are going unnoticed. Our unique aim, however, will be to specifically document those (male) New Yorkers achieving a perfect balance of personal style and financial savvy. 

Take Eddie here — a longtime West Village resident who makes his living in theater. He swears most of his clothes comes from local thrift shops. The scarf, meanwhile, was a gift… not to mention a perfect color accent to fend off the city’s bleak winter months. Every man should possess a few equally versatile and vibrant (without treading into Versace territory) accessories to achieve a similar effect. 

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