Save It

— Tue, 30th December 2008 —

Racked, h(y)r collective, and a string of news outlets all recently picked up on the tricky business of haggling for deals.

For the record, we think it’s bad practice. Sure, a nimble gentleman can float the idea without ruffling feathers, but it’s really not the customer’s place to price products.

If a retailer decides to cut prices, that’s their business, and we’ll obviously be the first to tell you about it. But, this business of using the economy as an excuse to badger sales associates only leads to bad behavior, and bad blood between customers and retailers.

It’s no secret that, for any number of reasons, clerks reward some customers with better deals. And, as any experienced shopper with tell you, a good rapport is far more likely to yield such deals than blind hassling.

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