Try Your Luck

— Sat, 27th December 2008 —

So, the near 1,000 items that Steven Alan donated to Housing Works on 17th Street failed to draw a crowd this morning. Granted, the city is empty. After today, the nonprofit is supposed to spread the wares to Housing Works throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn, but we expect much of it remain on 17th. There, you’ll find a full five racks of $50 button-downs, nearly every one size XL. Yeah, not our fit either. Oh, and all outerwear is under $125, save for the down’s for $160. 

Don’t forget that Alan is still taking up to 75% off select items in stores and online.

Housing Works Thrift Shop – 143 W 17th St nr 6th Ave – 718-838-5050 – 10am-6pm – Map

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