Choosy Beggars

— Wed, 14th January 2009 —

Last week, a heated debate took place over at ACL, which, among other assaults, questioned the motivations behind city slickers wearing outdoorsy gear like Barbour jackets. Are we, as some accused, merely affecting a rugged style? Posing as real men who earn a living outdoors, or on factory floors and construction sites? No doubt, work wear has been established as a serious trend in men’s fashion. And, while every such trend is to some degree frivolous and contrived, we’ve also embraced work-friendly gear for arguably legitimate reasons: It’s reasonably priced, durable, functional, aesthetically clean, and lends itself to “uniforms” — something we encourage every guy to embrace, whether it’s a suit or a pair of jeans and a button-down. (Once you’ve found the right one for you, uniforms greatly simplify the shopping/dressing process, and save you tons of money over time.)

Speaking of which, we love Greg’s winter uniform here. An Upper East Sider, we caught the out-of-work chef making his way across town on Houston Street. He’s noticed more guys with Barbour jackets of late, but said he takes particular pride in his — it being a hand-me-down from his city slicker father and all. 

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