Filson Down

— Wed, 7th January 2009 —

For our money, Filson makes the most respectable, versatile, and durable men’s bags on the market. With time, these things only appreciate in value. As a result, the company goes out of its way to prevent market forces from affecting the bags’ pricing. If Filson gets word of a retailer selling the bags at a discount, it ceases doing business with that retailer. But, fortunately for the deal seeker, eBay is rife with Filson deals:

• Small green sportsman’s bag down from $275 to $152 (above)
• Large green briefcase/computer bag down from $250 to $80
• Small tan duffle down from $215 to $55
• Black bridle leather field satchel down from $800 to $255
• Tan briefcase/computer bag for $57
• Tan briefcase for $150
• Medium green travel bag for $37
On eBay, you’ll also find plenty of other smart Filson products at markedly reduced costs: 

• Red & black wool bomber jacket down from $225 to $50 (above)

• Shelter clothe foothills parka down from $300 to $75
• Rare oil finish bomber for $230
• And — perhaps our top find of late — the above wallet down from $90 to $27.

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