First Thing’s First

— Mon, 5th January 2009 —

Esquire has released a 12-step program (entirely unrelated to your questionable behavior over the holidays.) Rather, it’s a guide to buying clothes like a man, which — while woefully oversimplified and entirely devoid of sale shopping advice — does offer some helpful pointers.

When buying a suit, for instance, “Check the seams on the inside of the jacket. If they’re hand-sewn, you’ll see one single thread running in a wavy pattern; if they’re machine-sewn, you’ll see two threads joined in a chainlike pattern.”

Esquire’s larger message — and The Beggar’s — is “When you know what to look for and how to make your money go the extra mile — (shopping) becomes less of an obligation and more of an opportunity.”

Also, check out Andy the salesman’s shopping tips.

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