Fit To Serve

— Mon, 12th January 2009 —

No matter how many times we hear them, some bits of wisdom always ring profound. And, especially so when they come from gurus like Will of A Suitable Wardrobe who never lets up on the critical sartorial matter of fit.

“Fit should be the principal goal that anyone has for their clothes,” says Will. “A man in inexpensive clothes that fit him is going to look better than a man wearing expensive ready to wear garments with a big ripple behind his jacket neck, sleeves that hang down to his knuckles and extra trouser cloth puddling on his shoes.”

So what can a man do to get fit off the rack? “He needs to take responsibility for buying the right size in the first place — the key in my opinion is to stick with a maker once it is established that that maker’s clothes are complementary. And then take the stuff to an independent alterations tailor, preferably an older European from somewhere in the south who has been doing the work for thirty or forty years.”

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