Stop That Train! We’re Leavin’

— Wed, 21st January 2009 —

In case you thought you were missing something at the Milan men’s shows, here’s one look from Gamme Blue — designer Thom Browne’s new collaboration with high-end sportswear brand Moncler. [The Fashionisto]

Now, once some guidelines are established, it’s healthy for every man to enhance their dress with personal twists, accents, and even some rule breaking here and there. Ever the mad provocateur, Browne consistently takes this concept to an absurd level where extreme restraint and excessive flourishes paradoxically coexist. The result? A few are challenged and inspired, while the rest of us are left scratching our heads… which is all Browne might expect. Who knows?

As usual, however, we’re much more fond of what they’re wearing in the streets of Milan and Florence than on the runways. These images, captured by The Sartorialist, portray men far more subtly (intelligently?) pushing boundaries – 

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