Watch Your Sacks!

— Tue, 24th February 2009 —

Long before Pharrell graced the cover of Paper’s June/July ’08 issue with his custom made Hermès Birkin in purple croc, we knew the fashion biz was conspiring to expand the handbag market to include male shoppers. It’s just too profitable a business to waste on women alone, particularly now that men’s wear sales are miraculously outpacing the growth of women’s wear. Now, further evidence of this grand conspiracy has surfaced in a new report from WWD, outlined HERE by The Moment. Our advice to you? Watch your sacks! If an attache has scales, just walk away. If you can’t tell the difference between your canvas Jack Spade and your girl’s Kate Spade, return it immediately. These days, even an extra glossy briefcase can’t be trusted. At this very moment, retailers from Coach to Cole Haan are summoning the dark forces of Madison Avenue, and it’s you — glittery overpriced season-sensitive bag in hand — they see in their crystal balls.

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