A Shirt Named Polo

— Mon, 6th April 2009 —

What makes a great polo? We agree with An Affordable Wardrobe — a hardier, more traditional Beggar for the Boston area — that it’s mostly fit and (lack of) features… though we’d argue that fabric is important, too. The fact that most labels — Polo by Ralph Lauren, Fred Perry, Lacoste, … — suffer from logo overload graciously narrows down the field. For their simplicity, variety, and disposability, AAW endorses the wide selection from Land’s End. But, while a little e-commerce experimenting never killed anyone, we prefer to guarantee good fit and quality in store. For a few more bucks (which inevitable markdowns make negligible) we therefore prefer J. Crew. Our hearts, however, still lie with a flawless shirt that Banana Republic produced for one season back in, say, ’01 — “athletic” fit, unstructured, in solid navy or gray, a stretch without sheen made possible by what we guess was a 95% cotton/5% polyester blend, no logos, no patters, no pockets… Simple perfection — a path from which BR tends to stray.

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