Dept. Of Needles In Haystacks

— Thu, 2nd April 2009 —

In response to Topshop’s NYC debut, The Times just ran a story on what it calls a “decade-long trend of democratized design that introduced to the American market stores like H & M, Zara,” and now Topshop. Now, due to serious quality issues, we typically discourage guys from investing (often quite poorly) in what the paper calls “fast fashion.” The fact is, however, that the market is growing so rapidly that competition is compelling these company’s to produce a few worthy wares. Along with the genius that is Mickey Drexler, this has undoubtedly contributed to the rise of J. Crew as a maker of quality men’s wear. (Not always the case.) Need another example? Check out the pieces that Gilded Age is about to unleash at Uniqlo — the Japanese retailer, which, by the way, just hired one Jil Sander as its new creative director. The issue, though, remains one of convenience, i.e., it’s extremely inconvenient to have to sort through mountains of bona fide crap just to find a few estimable products. For that, be grateful to have The Beggar — and The Beggar community — on your side.

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