Valentino 80% Off

— Thu, 30th April 2009 —

Saturday through Tuesday, find up to 80% off Valentino ready-to-wear and accessories at private sale space Soiffer Haskin.

Warning: This sale is mostly for the women. Men’s wear will be “limited.”

Report from the field:One of the very best sample sales I’ve ever attended…all the men’s clothing was 85% off!! Accessories were 70%… Outerwear, suits and sportcoats had a pretty good if not particularly directional selection (which is great because practically every single piece was utterly classic and wearable) … maybe 30 shirts … The selection is so small though (they literally had ONE pair of cufflinks) that if you haven’t made it there by Saturday afternoon…I’m willing to bet they’ll be completely cleaned out…”

Valentino sale – 317 W 33rd St between 8th & 9th – **Credit cards only**Map

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