Words Of Wisdom

— Tue, 21st April 2009 —

It’s rare to hear a true industry insider waxing thoughtful on the dismal state of retail. That’s why it was so refreshing to read this Jerry Maguire-like mission statement / manifesto from John Patrick over at The Selvedge Yard. [Picture Courtesy of 13th & Wolf]

“In short– (The industry) got fat, lazy & greedy, as the consumer became more sophisticated and savvy,” the men’s wear merchandiser / product developer admits. “It’s crucial now more than ever to aggressively engage the consumer with compelling brand stories that offer relevant, quality products with an honest, attractive price/value relationship.”

Moreover, according to a quote he cites from Tom Murry of Calvin Klein: “The consumer is responding to great product, but it has to represent good intrinsic value.”

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