Buyer’s Market

— Wed, 6th May 2009 —

Our favorite bits from WSJ. magazine’s look at the state of luxury retail (featuring our favorite sample sale site,, which is apparently about to launch a new site “focusing on shoppers who spend $75 to $300 per item.”) :

• “The flight to quality that so many luxury-goods experts confidently predicted at the start of the global meltdown has not materialized.”
• “Shoppers now view 70 percent off as a great sale, versus the 40-to-50-percent discounts of the past.”
• “Despite the fact that traditional brick-and-mortar retailing is taking a beating, the concept might not be dead–although the idea of paying full price could well be.”
• What next for retail? “Designer shopping online, discounted online luxury sample sales and discount designer malls.”
• “The (fashion) industry could be forced to become much less trend-driven.”
• “Analysts see one irrefutable trend emerging: The notion of luxury has been eroded.”
• The story even predicts the emergence of an “ of fashion.”

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