Late-Summer Reading

— Tue, 18th August 2009 —

Here’s a fascinating read for anyone who’ve ever suspected that “fast fashion” — or the voracious consumption of super trendy, low quality “disposable” goods encouraged by retail chains like H&M — might have a dark side. [USAToday via Selectism]

While it may be obvious to most of you, we want to touch on one point that author Ellen Ruppel Shell makes in her book, Cheap: The High Cost of Discount Culture. Over the years, she notes, “The focus switched from the object to the deal: If the deal was good, the object under consideration became less critical to the transaction.” Now, we at The Beggar absolutely focus on deals, but, for us, a “deal” represents the overall value of an object at a given price. In other words, the price and quality of an object should always be considered before making a purchase.

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