R.E.D. Valentino Sale

— Tue, 18th August 2009 —

A friendly tipster writes in on Tuesday afternoon:

“If u need a classic suit, there are some good bargains to be had at the (R.E.D. Valentino) sale; they have John Bartlett suit jackets for $99, Armani suits for $149, even Prada Ties for $49. But everything is a bit old fashion for my taste. You can even bargain for certain higher price items — I saw a guy buy a Valentino black label wind breaker for $200 that was originally $299; the sales guy just walked over to him and told him that he would drop the price if he bought it now. It’s a good buy considering that coat probably cost $1000 retail. Not a lot of selection, but good prices.”

Update: Another reader says this sale is pretty shady. You’ve been warned.

R.E.D. Valentino sale – 49 W 38th between 5th & 6th – 4th fl – Tuesday through Thursday, 8/18-8/20 – 9am-6pm daily – 212-575-2171 – Map

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