The Party’s (Not) Over

— Mon, 31st August 2009 —

Warning: Having caught so much flack for its unrestrained discounting last year, Saks is hoping to reintroduce a “full-price mentality” among consumers this holiday season. Analysts, however, seriously doubt whether Saks will stick to its guns when its competitors start getting sale-happy.

One rival in particular is expected to cause trouble for Saks: “Big bets on holiday inventory by Bloomingdale’s will likely force continued discounts through early next year,” one source tells The Post. [NY Post]

We, for one, don’t think Saks — or the brands it’s trying to appease — understand just how much the Web is affecting the marketplace. Along with the success of designer discount sites like, specialized e-tailers (most of which we list on the left) are multiplying like mad, and obviously resorting to price-reductions to compete.

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