The State Of Men’s Wear…

— Mon, 3rd August 2009 —

… is good! That according to crack Times photog Bill Cunningham who challenges a popular belief among trads (and ourselves, on occasion) that men were better off under the regime of the gray flannel suit. Unlike the 50s, say, “it’s this marvelous deconstruction of rigidness of men’s clothes that really is what today is all about.”

Now, the obvious downside to less regimentation is the elevated opportunity for error — not much of which Cunningham captures in this lively photo series. There’s also the issue of option overload, and the boundless amounts of one’s time it can consume. That, however, we see as a dilemma prevalent in just about every area of modern society, and one which every guy has to address on his own terms.

Still, from The Beggar to Bill, we thank you kindly, sir, for giving a younger generation hope, and a little assurance that it just might be on the right track.

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