Dept. Of Self-Referential Artifice

— Wed, 30th September 2009 —

Albo checks out Odin‘s new West Village locale where Oliver Spencer once resided. We love Oliver Spencer (which is slated to take over Odin’s East Village shop Den) and the fact that we can always count on its 65%-off store-wide sales. Odin, which we love just the same, is more resistant to such extreme plunges. [Critical Shopper]

Also, Albo’s portrait of today’s on-trend man is priceless: “Steeped as we are in decades of postmodern self-referential artifice, we don’t just want to look like backwoodsmen; we want to look like actors from the 1950s playing backwoodsmen of the 1890s, but in a totally fresh, laid-back 2009 kind of way.”

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