ALERT: Paul Smith Sample Sale

— Thu, 12th November 2009 —

A tipster just brought our attention to a Paul Smith sample sale going down right this minute!!!

Officially, the sale was slated to run tomorrow — Friday, 11/13 — from 12pm-6pm, and feature dress shoes for $80, suits for $300, etc. A coy clerk at Paul Smith’s downtown locale, where the sale was supposed to take place, confirmed that it was open at 4pm on Thursday, but that she didn’t know much about it.

Update 1: Word is this sale’s amazing for moderately-sized individuals, but not easy to get into.

Update 2: Sale’s on the Third Floor, and features a “
large selection for men, especially jackets!”

***Update 3: Like one commenter says, Just “
go and walk right in as if you work above the Paul Smith showroom. The minute you show hesitation, they’re not letting you in.”***

Paul Smith
142 Greene St between W Houston & Prince – 646 613 3060 – Map

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