Must See: Objectified

— Wed, 25th November 2009 —

Tuesday night on Thirteen, we caught Gary Hustwit’s latest documentary about product design, “Objectified.” The film, which features design gods like Apple’s Jonathan Ive and Muji’s Naoto Fukasawa, investigates our emotional relationships with products, our unrelenting obsession with “the new,” its cultural and environmental repercussions, etc. Fascinating stuff, and required viewing for every modern consumer. From the doc, we love the idea of separating products into two categories: those that you wear in, and those that you wear out. (We heartily recommend the former.) Also, to tame our nation’s consuming mania, another interviewee suggests a billion dollar marketing campaign hyping products that people already own… though we imagine a resourceful grass-roots organization could do it for far less.

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