L.L. Bean Signiture, In The Bag

— Tue, 19th January 2010 —

Hoping to whet your respective appetites, L.L. Bean has released two bags in advance of its Signature collection’s March debut. Designed by one Alex Carleton — of Rogues Gallery fame — the line represents the brand’s best effort to achieve age-spanning design and construction at reasonable price points. (In a perfect world, this would be the ultimate goal of every clothing company.) [Valet.]

Take your pick between a salt-washed indigo tote for $65, and a vegetable-tanned leather number for $189. Perhaps it’s because the shade and handle design remind me of the attache my father toted around the world on business, but I was immediately drawn to the latter, and would gladly put it to work.

Broadly speaking, and as I’ve said many times, ill-considered bags are responsible for ruining more outward appearances than perhaps any furnishing. Peculiar footwear is the most obvious culprit, but never quite as conspicuous as an overparticular man-purse, a hulking satchel, or the infamous suit & backpack combo.

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