Barneys Warehouse Sale "Markdowns"

— Tue, 16th February 2010 —

The word ‘markdowns’ is in quotations because, after nearly a week of Barneys’ Winter Warehouse Sale “madness,” only the tuxedos were on sale as of Tuesday morning. (Madness is in quotations because this season’s sale has been pretty tame.) One clerk said to expect additional markdowns by the end of the week. Another said not to expect any until next week. We trust the former, but we’ll keep you posted.

Note: Simply by virtue of its size, Barneys Warehouse Sale has always been an easy target for critics. This latest iteration, however, has many readers vowing to never visit the sale again. “It’s really the same sh*t recycled sale after sale,” says one. “Worst stuff I’ve seen in a long time,” says another. “Really bad this time.” These days, we’re sure Barneys has bigger concerns than consumers’ perception of its warehouse sale. Still, it obviously counts on the biannual events to recoup lost profits, and fewer shoppers makes that prospect less likely. Our advice? Get your sh*t together, Barneys Warehouse Sale!

Barneys Warehouse Sale – 255 W 17th St between 7th & 8th – 212-450-8400 – Weekdays 10am-9pm, Weekends 10am-7pm – Map

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