Style, Hands-On!

— Fri, 26th February 2010 —

Esquire regularly dispenses with the fit and quality tips, which we thoroughly appreciate because, well, what’s a wardrobe without fit and quality? Really, though, what these tips teach us is that shopping is a seriously HANDS ON experience!

Fabric needs to be squeezed between your fingers — “If it bounces back with little or no sign of wrinkling, that means it’s good, sturdy material,” Esquire notes. Buttons need to be tugged gently — “If they feel loose or wobbly, that means they’re probably coming off sooner rather than later.” (That’s the big problem with e-shopping — Despite all the deals, it doesn’t permit squeeze or tug tests until a product arrives at your door. No returns, therefore, equals big risk.)

Even in stores, however, too many guys fail to appreciate the importance of testing, or are under the false impression that it’s poor manners. On the contrary, it’s the mark of an experienced shopper — That and what you’re wearing at the moment. Really, a salesperson is far more likely to offer a touchy-feely customer a deal or some inside information than one with arms-crossed. So, touch and feel away! Just be sure to wash your hands first.

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