At J. Press Sample Sale

— Thu, 25th March 2010 —

With little elbowroom or outerwear (and no footwear), we can’t call the J. Press sample sale a preppy’s paradise. Yet, given the abundance of button-downs, sports jackets, blazers and pants, we still say it’s a must. Early visitors are presently swarming over a single bin of ties, a single bin of bow-ties, and a single bin of socks. We were originally told that all shirts would sell for $10. Fact is, damaged shirts are going for $10, while all others — along with all non-damaged stock — is 70% off retail. Damaged jackets and pants are $10, too.

Reports a reader: “It’s a zoo. If you’re looking for one of their wool sack suits, forget it. It’s mostly summer stock — linen, cotton suits in varying, limited sizes. A good selection of shawl collar tuxedos though. Lots of cotton polos, sweaters. Ties have been picked over, as have the dress shirts. If your sleeve length is 35 you’ll be fine.

Another man’s opinion (and re-stocking tip): “This sucked. Only good tip I got was they’re going to re-stock at 2pm and overnight. The place is really too cramped to host a sample sale. They should know better.

Update: As of about 2pm on Thursday, “They just restock[ed] 35.5 collar 33 length shirts, I got like 5 of those… also if you are looking 38 to 40 short or regular wool suits they have some, I go a prince of wales sorta print that says ‘summer ’02’ in the sale tag for $195.

As advertised, ties and bow-ties are $5
Expect to pay about $30 for all non-damaged button-downs
Suits are priced at about $300
Sports jackets are about $200
Lighter jackets are selling for about $60
Knits, which just look unappetizing in late March, are all about $30
Seersucker shorts are $25

J. Press Sample Sale – Onward Kashiyama USA – 530 7th Ave bwtn 38th & 39th – 29th Fl – Thurs & Fri 11am-6pm, Sat 11am-5pm – Map

  1. picked up enough buttondowns to last me 5 years. love that jpress oxford blue. Thanks!!

  2. I scored a 3 button baby blue blazer w/ white stitching and buttons for $10 off the 'damage' rack! Original price $465. Turns out, the blazer had gone through alterations thus giving it the "damaged" title (still fit me fine). I didn't really check if this was the case with any other items in the damaged rack, so don't skip over it!

  3. Two works. Seersucker. Tuxedo.

    There are a few "samples" on the damaged racks going for the same price. $20 for the suit. They probably made it and thought no one would ever wear it. They were wrong. Oh, they were wrong.

  4. are they restocking? i wont be able to make it till saturday!

  5. are they restocking? wont be able to make it till saturday

  6. I'm too skinny to fit properly into any of their shirts and suits, so I went there hoping for score a few ties. Unfortunately, I didn't find any of the solid grenadine ties I was looking for, and instead settled for a pincheck tie. Still, $5 down from $80.

    I saw a box of thick striped socks and thought I'd do a round and go back to them. Said box was cleared out in 30 seconds and I never got a second look.

  7. UPDATE:
    I was there today 11:30 when they brought out three new racks of suits and jackets.
    lots of Harris Weed, 3 piece 2 button heavy wool and chunky chords. Most sizes range from 38 to 42.
    No more socks left and feel ties left (lots of bow ties though)


  8. What an amazing find – that much J. Press treasure on a deep cut sale! Great stuff!