Brand To Know: Warby Parker

— Mon, 1st March 2010 —

Thanks to the emergence of sites like Eyebobs to, The Web has become a rich source of high-quality, low-cost eyewear. Most guys, however, remain wary of shopping online for something that’s destined for their face. Enter Warby Parker, a new site that will send you up to five samples at no charge. “When you decide which pair suits you best, mail back all the samples (again, no charge) and they’ll return your pair of choice with the prescription lenses in place,” explains GQ. How much will a pair of Warby frames — including prescription lenses — set you back. Just $95! For fit and style tips, you might refer back to GQ.

Key fit tips:

  • Glasses should be about the same width as your face.
  • The top of your frames should hit at your eyebrows.
  • Glasses should obviously fit at the bridge of your nose.

  1. I had a very good experience with these guys. I got my glasses from them in exactly 10 business days. I had a problem with the rx (my fault), and they replaced them with no questions asked.

    Curiously, I ended up getting around the outage of home-trial pairs because I already had a pair of their glasses. Apparently, their Thompson is identical (save for the hinges) to the Modo 3015. I got them in a different color from Warby Parker for $95—the Modos cost about $700, including lenses, when I bought them in a fancy NYC shop. Pretty hard to beat that.

    WP claims that they design all their own glasses. At least in this case, this seems to be just customizing existing frames made by a factory in China. Fine with me for that kind of savings, and it also may mean that other pairs are actually available in brick-and-mortar stores for wary shoppers to try on before they buy.

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