Brunello Cucinelli 80% Off

— Wed, 24th March 2010 —

A raven-eyed reader — who writes one our favorite art and culture blogs — tells us that Loehmann’s in Chelsea has received a “huge” shipment of Brunello Cucinelli. “On the high end there were gorgeous sports coats marked down 80% from $2800 to $600 … On the lower end were sweaters marked down from $600 to $150.”

As luck would have it, Cucinelli is also featured in this week’s New Yorker. Turns out the Italian designer is greatly inspired by our President, whom he regards as a modern day Marcus Aurelius. How ’bout that. [sub. required]

  1. is it all from their winter collection? or are there also some from spring/summer collections also?

  2. $499 for a Cucinelli sport jacket is an outstanding deal IF you're familiar with the brand. And Loehmann's probably has a couple dozen there. Mostly gray and tan with a few navy pinstriped mixed in. Majority size 50 with only a couple 52's.
    Some t-shirts, linen shirts and trousers also. A pretty good selection actually. All appropriate for spring/summer.

  3. They've been getting loads of Cucinelli in both the Chelsea and UWS stores for the past year or so

  4. just went in yesterday… sport coats in 40s, 42s, 48s and 50+s left… one xl sweater and a few pants in 36 and above left…

    Didn't find anything in my size, but those sports coats are to die for… the really fine suede elbow patches… Man…

    They did seem like they received an accessory shipment from Ralph Lauren.. Some great belts and wallets in tan leather at almost 70% off..


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