J. Press Sample Sale

— Wed, 24th March 2010 —

This is big. Thursday through Saturday, 3/25-3/27, parent company Onward Kashiyama is hosting a J. Press sample sale featuring 70% off suits. “All shirts, including button downs, are $10 … ties are $5,” a rep tells us. That is, in a word, insane. [Pic courtesy of Lee Clower via ACL]

J. Press Sample Sale – Onward Kashiyama USA – 530 7th Ave bwtn 38th & 39th – 29th Fl – Thurs & Fri 11am-6pm, Sat 11am-5pm – Map

  1. here is Q, not related to this post but not sure what other forum to use… the google forum seems spam heavy. I need a new bag, like a messenger. tips? maybe leather, but want something flexible – maybe waxed canvas with some leather trim so durable but still some style. where should I go?

  2. Any comments on if there is a line expected or if things would be running out early?

  3. reports from the field would be greatly appreciated. wont be able to make it till saturday!

  4. still looking for a proxy if any of you early round guys are up to offset your costs and flip any castaways

  5. Any info on stock would be greatly appreciated looking to shoot up there tonight.

  6. To Anon above – messenger bag question – Jack Spade and J. Fold are two recommendations for you.

  7. It's a zoo. If you're looking for one of their wool sack suits, forget it. It's mostly summer stock- linen, cotton suits in varying, limited sizes. A good selection of shawl collar tuxedos though. Lots of cotton polos, sweaters. Ties have been picked over, as have the dress shirts. If your sleeve length is 35 you'll be fine.

  8. this sucked. only good tip i got was they're going to re-stock at 2pm and overnight. the place is really too cramped to host a sample sale. they should know better.

  9. Oh lawd…I'll be heading there in about an hour or two. Had hoped to pick up some ties but that sounds like it was the first to go. Hoping to score some things for spring/summer.

    How are the prices on suiting, jackets, polos, etc?

  10. so will they or won't they restock? anyone know for sure?

  11. They just restock 35.5 collar 33 length shirts, I got like 5 of those… also if you are looking 38 to 40 short or regular wool suits they have some, I go a prince of wales sorta print that says "summer '02" in the sale tag for $195.

  12. The good scores in ties are mostly bow ties, in various patterns. Nice reds, blues, polka dots, etc. The regular neckwear is a little thin. The suits and sport coats are mostly larger sizes. Didn't see anything smaller than a 38, and that was a rare find. Lots of 41s and 42s.

  13. I agree with good finds in the patterned bow ties. Neck ties were a graveyard.

    I felt like all of the nice patterned Sport Coats and jackets were 39 to 40 and either Regular or Short. There are a good bit of 42 Longs however.

    Plenty of dress and casual shirts in most sizes. A few "Damaged" items. I

    actually picked up a Navy DB Blazer marked as Damaged, however all the sales associate and I could find was a very tiny stain and possible weakness in one seam. At $10 it was a steal!

    A good selection of women's wear could be found at ROCK bottom prices too.

  14. just came back from the sale, day 2.

    seems like they filled-in stock.
    new suits, jackets, and shirts…

    less crowded this morning.
    worth to go.

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