Lands’ End Canvas Givaway

— Thu, 4th March 2010 —

Late last year, Lands’ End debuted its Canvas collection and the promise of better fits, cleaner designs, and superior fabrics — all at ridiculously affordable prices. Take the Heritage Oxford they just sent over, which retails for $34.50. Along with the (intentionally) minimalist packaging, the first thing you notice about this shirt is its solid build. Then come the details, like its tailored fit, shorter tails, gussets (those triangular pieces of cloth sewn in where the front and back tails meet), and gauntlet buttons (the ones found halfway up the forearm to keep the cuff buttons company). Save for mother-of-pearl buttons, Lands’ End went all out.

While we put ours through the ringer, Lands’ End has graciously offered to send one reader a Heritage Oxford of their own. The shirt goes to the guy who comes up with the best slogan for the new Choosy Beggar — set to launch next month. Send your brilliance to, and, remember, that brevity is the soul of wit.

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