‘Ruff’ Reception

— Mon, 22nd March 2010 —

Long story short, respected Ruffian designers Brian Wolk and Claude Morais got together with Macy’s for a diffusion line named Threads & Heirs… And it sucks. Or, as The Shophound writes: “It’s not aggressively unattractive, like Ed Hardy for example, but it doesn’t look to us like anything you wouldn’t otherwise expect to find at Macy’s … It’s just kind of blah.” [The Shophound]

  1. anon@2:36, speaking specifically of the two sentences following your quote. I can certainly appreciate the constraints on your time, perhaps some clarification of your p.o.v. would help in determining whether our tastes jibe as simply saying something sucks without reference to fit, quality, price, or other metric skews the message a bit for this reader.

  2. Sure, but just to be clear, we weren't reviewing the line ourselves. We were just summing up SH's sentiment, and, in our mind, saying that something's "not aggressively unattractive" basically means it sucks. To illustrate, next time your significant other asks you how they look, tell them 'not aggressively unattractive,' and see what happens…

    The Choosy Beggar

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