The Dashing Patcher

— Mon, 22nd March 2010 —

Over the next 10 days, The GQ Eye plans to post “10 Steps to Affordable Style.” Magnifico. Really, few things please us more than hearing truly stylish guys — like author Hooman Majd — wax practical about clothes shopping and maintenance. Majd, for his part, gave new life to a 20-year-old Hermès sports jacket with some suede elbow patches. 20 years old! That’s setting the bar pretty high, but we can all learn a lesson from such a superb, long-term investment.

In other ‘Affordable Style’ news, the Eye notes that Uniqlo is now stocked with the same whipcord suits it endorsed last summer. (Note: These suits will not last 20 years.)

Uniqlo – 546 Broadway between Prince & Spring – 917-237-8800 – Map

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