Trickers’ $132 Treats (Corrected)

— Tue, 9th March 2010 —

Thanks to manufacturing hiccups — like overstocking and design imperfections — it’s quite common to find topnotch dress shoes selling for a fraction of their retail prices on eBay and StyleForum. It’s less common to find such stock on more “official” channels. Enter British etailer ASOS, which is carrying these tassel loafers for $132. Selectism swears they’re hand-crafted at the same Tricker’s factory in Northhampton, England where identical pairs are sent off to sell for about $462… on ASOS! [Selectism via Valet.]

Correction: Mr. Tweed, of Scandinavia’s Tweed Country Sports, says he’s spoken with Tricker’s sales manager Roy Martiniak, and that these loafers are not made by Tricker’s — nor are any of the other “Asos Made in England” shoes. Our apologies for posting what appears to have been inactivate information. Perhaps with the help of Mr. Tweed, we plan to post some tips on how to accurately differentiate between Tricker’s-grade shoes and Tricker’s-grade impersonators online.

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